Wednesday, October 18, 2017

B138. Salisbury City Council Candidate Recommendations

Early voting begins tomorrow, Oct 19, for Salisbury City Council. Only a small percentage of eligible voters will make the effort. If you live in the city limits, please be one who does. In elections where few will vote, and in elections with 13 candidates and only 5 positions, every vote (or not vote) has the potential to change the entire outcome.

5 of the 13 candidates will become the main governing body of our city, a city in need of strong leadership through this divisive time in our history. I know that many don’t have the time to study and get to know the candidates, and it’s easy to just skip such a small election. Please don’t make that decision. Ask voting advice from a couple of people whose views you respect.

I offer my views here, as merely my own opinion, coupled with the invested time and interest for research and observation. I have read about all the candidates, attended two of the forums (hosted by the Tea Party and Trinity Oaks), set up opinion polls and discussions in various social media groups, talked with several community residents and leaders, and personally met most of the candidates.  I have no close relationships or loyalties to any of the candidates; and my choices are based, not on which candidates I know best, or even which I like most, but solely on which candidates I believe are the best fits for this one job.

 All 13 are talented, possess leadership skills, and deserve to be commended for offering themselves to be public servants of our community.  Some, though, are more suited and/or ready than others for the office of City Council. Use my thoughts if you find them helpful,  or seek out other opinions you trust, but please vote.

My recommendations:

Definitely vote for these 3:
 Al Heggins
David Post
Tamara Sheffield

Post serves on the current council and has shown consistent wisdom and maturity. Heggins and Sheffield would be new to the council but are quite impressive candidates in their experience, passion, and knowledge of city issues, and they possess both the ability to work together with others to make changes, and the interest in listening to and understanding the concerns of all the community.

Choose the remaining 2 from the following:
Karen Alexander – current mayor, would add needed continuity
Leda Belk – former county commissioner with deputy sheriff experience
Brian Miller – current council member, would add needed continuity; good business mind; honest
Rodney Queen – 20 yrs experience in various city committees and boards; knows much about the city; heart for poverty
PJ Ricks – a popular candidate with a large following; retired educator
Latasha Wilks – Associate minister, full-time Master’s degree student; new to politics. Personally I’d like to see her get some experience in city government in other ways first, but then definitely return to run for City Council later;  I include her on this list though because she also is a popular candidate with a large following, who maybe can culturally represent a large segment of our community often unheard in local politics.

The other candidates are also impressive, just not, in my opinion, best suited for this particular job. Some have harsher, more confrontational, and/or more solo leadership styles which would likely bring divisiveness and unnecessary tension to the group dynamics. I quickly commend some of these as intelligent, knowledgeable, analytic, and/or articulate, and their leadership as valuable and needed, just better used in other venues.  Evans, I think, would make an excellent local leader but needs to gain some committee and board experience before being on the City Council. If he does not win this election, I hope he will stay in the area and  dive in as a community leader in other ways.

Mathematical Strategy for voting: Depending on your personal goal in voting, the mathematical odds might be better to vote for only one or two rather than all five; and if you are part of a group, there are other ways to make your vote count more. I’ll be glad to discuss these with you privately, as well as other questions you might have about the candidates.

Whomever you choose, please vote. Early voting Oct. 19 through Nov. 4 at the Board of Elections located at Westside Plaza (formerly the Salisbury Mall). Election Day Tues Nov. 7 (at individual precincts). Need transportation? Want someone to walk you through your first time voting? Don’t let those issues stop you. Someone will be glad to help!


Anonymous said...

Al Heggins is head and shoulders above the rest as the best candidate to represent the city of Salisbury on the city council. She is thoughtful, attentive and passionate about improving the lives of the people of Salisbury. Having her leadership and service on the city council is the right direction forward. She has my VOTE and she deserves and will continue earn yours

Anonymous said...

I want to add that Latasha Wilks can surely be an asset to the council. Her background comes with volunteering and building relationships with people. When we were in school during our early years(1980's), we watched Latasha give to the less fortunate. She is the reason many of us learned about loving everyone and not judging anyone. We watched her give to people who later became famous. In speaking to them of her run for Council, they each spoke about her passion. She takes the time out to visit all areas of Salisbury to hear from many people. She has several diversed groups that she is active in and I have watched her bring change. We strongly recommend that she is considered by all for a vote for Salisbury City Council. Latasha has let the world know she is imperfect. She can relate to much of what's going on through experience. When she addresses an issue at she gives us a problem and then a solution. We need someone like Latasha on the council. I saw her Pray at Pray Rowan and the children of many backgrounds were touched from her. While many of you may have watched her a few forums, we have watched her in action for many years. I don't look at one candidate better than the other one. I do believe that we need a new council that has passion for the people. I have been following the forums as well. I realized that the ones that caught my eye showed me their work long before the forums. I also want to add two more. Latasha Wilks, Al Heggins, Tamara Sheffield are definitely about serving the people. This trio here is definitely on our ballots. We can't compare one another because we are all different. However these ladies can make City Council rise to the top. We have 30 in our group and we are registered!

Kathy Vestal said...

Thank you, Anonymous. A great endorsement with much to think about.

Kathy Vestal said...
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Kathy Vestal said...

And thank you, Anonymous #1!

Anonymous said...

Sheffield, Wilks, Heggins, and the other two need to be thought of harder.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Vestal, your blogs are bs. Simple fact is Al's votes ARE coming mostly from her DEAR SWEET AND HANDSOME husband ISSAC. EVERYONE HAS HEARD OF ISAAC. Nobody knows her. They mistake her for a man. I HUGGED HER ONCE AND HER HAIR CUT MY HAND��. GET THAT SHIT CUT OFF AL. BRUSH CUT! Look at her closely. She would have to represent the Council. Anonymous 1 want to say Al is head and shoulders above all. Please? SHE MAY KNOW TOO DAMN MUCH. She only goes to communities to give signs FOR VOTING. WE ARE TIRED OF SEEING HER. AFTERWARDS SHE WON'T CARE ABOUT NO COMMUNITY. She grilled the Chief in front of evwryone. Citizens and staff. Go to ECO to look. Nothing is people oriented about her. THE CITY MET WITH A SELECT FEW AND SHE WAS TOLD TO STOP BEING LOUD. YOU HAVE A SERGEANT WHO WILL HELP TAKE KAREN'S PLACE YELLING AT CITIZENS. If she is in the passenger seat, she won't be a part. SHE WAS GAVELED AT A MEETING. DO YOUR HW! Highpoint ran her away because she tried to run them into the ground. SHE HAS ON OPEN LAWSUIT WHERE SHE IS BEING SUED AND SHE IS SUING THEM. My vote is. TELL AL GET THEM SIGNS FROM UP AT THR CRESCENT, WE DON'T WANT THEM MAKING OUR NEIGHBORHOOD LOOK BAD. TAMARA SHOULD BE MAYOR AND TODD MAYOR PRO TEM.WE NEED REAL CHANGE NOT BOOTCAMP AL.


Kathy Vestal said...

Normally I would/will delete any negative comment (about other people) posted "anonymously," but since you are a candidate I will leave it to you (at least for now) to delete it or leave it here for others to see. Do you remember a couple of years ago when you were using my Salisbury Post blogs for your own anti-commissioner purposes? I did do my homework, and I stick by my assessment here. What I said of you and all the other candidates was kind, and if your post is an invitation to be your enemy, I do not accept. I wish the best for you and the best for our city.

The hair comment though - Really??

PS, I know who the other Anonymouses are too.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Kathy Vestal said...

Two "anonymous" and fictional messages, attempting to cover up the above "anonymous" comment have been deleted. You are welcome to repost using your real identity.

Anonymous said...
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