Tuesday, April 3, 2018

B146. Fake News: The Smeller's the Feller

My daddy tells a story of his second grade class, in which there were apparently some little gas passing jokesters. When one of them would announce what someone had done, the teacher would say “The smeller’s the feller.*"

I make no general judgment on the reliability of that statement, but I do see that exact reality at work in our current national government, and we all need to be aware of what’s happening, because we are being used as fools in a drama that stinks of evil.

First, we’ve been brainwashed into distrusting, even hating, each other because of our political affiliations. This makes an evil ploy easy. For example, some readers have not made it this far in this blog, and some of you who are still here are thinking of leaving because this is just another enemy post. Please wait. We are not enemies. We are on the same team, both, all, caring deeply about our nation, our futures, our families. As long as we believe the lie that we are enemies and have nothing in common, our nation remains in darker trouble than it has ever seen or imagined.

Imagine a horror movie or a scary novel in which the government accuses the opposing party of whatever sin the government itself is committing, as a way to cover it up so no one will suspect it’s really them. If I say you passed gas, surely no one will think I’m the one who did it; and if the opposition says “no, you did,” then it becomes “my word against yours,” and while several classmates might join in on one side or the other, most lose interest. Both seem equally guilty of distrust, so we just ignore them and move on.

Well, at a government level, when this is a tactic, a strategy, to keep us all both fighting and ignoring what’s really happening, there is serious danger. You know all the talk in the past year about “fake news”?  Did you ever even hear that term before this administration? “Fake news” has become the cry of this administration to confuse us about what we can and cannot trust. The hope being that eventually there will be no media in existence except what is controlled by the government. Conspiracy theory? No, it’s happening. Every legitimate media source is being called “fake news” by the president of our country.

What is happening in our country is not new to history. It bears frightening similarity to Hitler’s Germany, but that comparison has also been diluted for us in the same way. If the Nazis call the opposition “Nazis,” it becomes two little schoolboys calling each other the same name, with neither having any meaning. Can you see the manipulation? 

Some call the mastermind a stupid idiot, but he is not. He is a calculating, manipulating despot, playing all of us as fools in his grab of greed and power, and in an attempt to cover up some horrible realities that are starting to come to light.

Remember when you heard about the cult in Waco, TX and asked how anyone could fall for such ridiculous brainwashing? Or how the Nazis could’ve gone along with the killing of millions of Jews? Some were simply afraid not to obey. Others were brainwashed into believing that what they were being told was right. And, in our government, many are quietly being paid literally millions of dollars to play along. It is happening now to us. We are the they.

Are you old enough to remember when we could watch the 6:00 and 11:00 news and trust what we were hearing? Do you remember Dan Rather? He’s still out there, seeing our danger and doing all he can to warn us. In the following new release, he is warning us about news stations across the nation being mandated to read word for word, repeatedly, a statement accusing media sources that report what's really happening as “fake news” during their newscast, as if the mandated statement were real news. Please watch, even if you don’t fully understand what you are witnessing. It's 7 minutes long.

What can we do? First, acknowledge to ourselves that this is not about political parties and that our nation is in terrible danger. Second, be wary of everything we hear. Question everything. (Yes, including this blog post. Don't believe anything just because I or anyone else says so.) Measure everything by our own God-given sense of morality. And consciously listen to news sources that have not yet become controlled by the government. Third, stop treating each other as enemies, and work together as brothers and sisters with a common love for our country. And fourth, vote in May and in November to fix this frightening mess we have been tricked into making.

Read about Hitler and the Nazis. Read about the Dominican Republic’s General Trujillo. Read Orwell’s 1984. If you smell something, pay attention to the one who blames the smell on someone else. Sometimes the smeller’s the feller. Loyalty to party will not stop this, but we are the ones, together, you and I, who will allow our total destruction, or not.

*"Feller" is Southern colloquial for "fellow."


Anonymous said...

This is too funny—from a disgraced reporter.

Kathy Vestal said...

Glad you got a laugh, D.R.! Thanks for letting me know you were here!

Anonymous said...

Dan Rather is the disgraced reporter—lost his job. Bahahaha