Tuesday, May 17, 2011

B7. Alone with Him Who Beckons My Soul

Long I have traveled this path
When my journey began everyone I knew was with me
I was a child
The path seemed much wider then
And less lonely
Farther up the path
Travelers are more spread out
No longer all together as at the starting line
I know the travelers are many
Yet I may journey for days with only a glimpse of another
In the distance
Many are traveling at a more leisurely pace
Many days’ journey behind
Others are far ahead
Many have already crossed the finish line
I know not how far
To meet a traveler is a gift
For a time we share
We laugh
We encourage each other to keep running
Then we move on
No two journeys are the same
Ultimately I have learned this is my race
My own journey
I am alone with only the Voice that beckons my soul
Some days I am a child of Elijah
I cry out
In obedience to the Voice that beckons me
And fire rains down from heaven
Why me, God?
I’m scared and very small
 Next day I am running
Seeking an escape from the signs and wonders
They are not mine
I collapse from exhaustion
A tree grows there and covers me
I hide
I weep
Shelter me, O God
Hold me as Your child
I am small and scared
Just me
And Him Who beckons my soul

Written by Kathy 8/31/07

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