Wednesday, July 6, 2011

B15. Grandma Meets Grandpa

(part 6 of 8 of a series written in memory of my grandma, Ellie Irene Nance Vestal, born on the 4th of July, 1914, near Boonville, NC)

In 1986, when Grandma was 72 and I was 24 I gave her a birthday gift that I thought might help her fill her days.  It was a memories book filled with prompts for her to write about her life.  She had lived alone since Grandpa’s death in 1977, and she enjoyed writing.  I forgot about the gift, but months later she gave me a far greater gift, which has become one of my most treasured possessions, the same book, completely filled in with her memories. 
In her honor, and to share this precious gift with others who love her, I continue here a blog series of her own memoirs in her own words: 

 Thomas Carl Vestal and Ellie Irene Nance Vestal
We were married on:  July 8, 1933
at:  Hillsville, VA

by:  Rev. R.H. Showalter
I was 19 years old; Grandpa was 22.
The wedding ceremony:  During the depression it was the thing to go out of state for a wedding.  Some went to S.C., others to Virginia.  Our ceremony was a ring ceremony and his brother and his wife stood up with us and acted as witnesses.  (Your) grandpa was so nervous.  I never thought he could remember a word of his vows.
I met him:  while he was dating other girls in our community.  One of them wouldn’t speak to me after I started to date him.
I remember:  feeling proud to date him for he was nice, dressed well, and had the use of his family’s car.  We went to church together every Sunday night.
Some special people who shared our day:  Most of my family was at my home for supper that Saturday night.  Then the next day (we) went to his home and most of his family was there.  We went to Charity Church and to his home for lunch and to live there 1 ½ years.
In the years that followed:  We moved out on our own in a small house that his family owned when Fred was a tiny babe.  Then we moved in our new house in 1939.
Grandpa’s mother:  Minnie Isabell Angell
She was born in:  Yadkin County, East Bend, NC
She was 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighed about 160 pounds.  She had brown hair and blue eyes.
He called her:  Mama.
Some of her favorite things to do:  crocheting, cooking, sewing, raising flowers, visiting, making a happy home for her family
A memory Grandpa shared with me about her:  One time while he was dating, his car got stuck in a mud hole, and he got in at 2 AM.  She was still sitting up and crying when he finally came in.
Grandpa's fatherCharlie Montgomery Vestal
He was born in:  Yadkin County, Boonville, NC
He was 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighed about 165 pounds.  He had brown hair and blue eyes.
He called him:  Dad.
Some of his favorite things to do:  working in his fields raising corn, wheat, and some tobacco, attending church regularly and court when it was in session
A memory Grandpa shared with me about him:  He drove his new car through the back of the car shed, so he put (your) grandpa driving the car when he was only twelve years old.  He had to look through the steering wheel.

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