Saturday, March 9, 2013

62. For Those Who Must Follow

peace and courage to all who are called . . .

Standing on the shore
the foamy surf washing over my feet
splashing to my knees
leaving the grit of sand
and the healing salt
clinging to my flesh

i knew
before i could fully imagine
the beauty and anger in the waves
the sting of sand catapulted by the wind
the mystery and intrigue of the waters
i would one day awaken here
i knew

as i know now that i am  not here to stand
but to walk into the depths
with peace, with fear, with joy, with pain
until i am washed away
indistinguishable in the vastness
in quiet destiny

inspired by giants
whose footprints are in the waves
two Martins and an Alice lend their strength
One far greater guides my heart

for evil, say some, for shame;
for erred perception, say the masses;
for heroism, say a few;
for those who must follow, say i,
for those who must follow

written by Kathy 12/8/09, revised 3/9/13

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