Wednesday, April 3, 2013

B64. NC Legislators: Those Funny Fellows!

April 1, 2013: Two NC Representatives filed a resolution seeking to exempt NC from the US Constitution so it can be free to operate its own state religion??  I admit, you had me going there until I realized it was April 1.  HaHa, good one, you silly legislators!  It was gullible of me to think any sane person could be serious about that one! That would be like seceding from the union!

April 2, 2013:  NC Senators filed a bill seeking to inhibit college students from voting, by seeking  to disallow parents from listing a dependent who is registered to vote at a different address.  Why?  Because most of the younger generation is not politically aligned with the party currently in NC control??   Again, I fell for it!  Then I saw that the number of the bill was 666.  HaHa.  An extended April Fools joke!   666!  HaHaHa!

Will you stretch the joke further?  Have you introduced another funny bill today?  Wouldn’t it be funny if you wrote a bill to stop women from voting!  And then all people of color!  And then all people who speak a language other than English!  And then all gay people!  And then everyone who doesn’t practice your brand of religion!  And then another one to abolish freedom of speech and freedom of assembly!  And another to change our state name to Inquisition, or Trujillo, or Bull Connor!  Hilarious!  What a joke that would be!

And what if these bills actually passed!  NC would be synonymous with April Fools or fools of whatever month it happened to be!  Hilarious!

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