Friday, June 13, 2014

B94. My Daddy

My daddy tells the story of when I was a young child and he drove our two cats to an area where they could live in the wild.  According to the story, through our sobs, my sister and I announced to him that he was a bad daddy.  I don't remember that announcement, but that must have been the only moment of my life that I had that feeling.

My daddy is a gentle man, with the kindest eyes, and the prettiest legs of any man I know.  Really.  He even won a pretty legs contest in 1988 when he and Mom were on a cruise for their anniversary!

He comes from a legacy of Christians, and he has always had a heart for missions and serving.  He is a member of the Gideons organization. He delivers Meals on Wheels and drives out of town to the food bank to bring food to local people.  He teaches Sunday School, serves as a deacon, and sings in the choir. And he and Mom even lived a year as house parents at one of the Baptist Children's Homes.  (I think that helped them realize my sister and I were pretty good kids!)

My grandma used to tell me I was just like my daddy, which, as a child, I didn't understand, as I obviously had my mom's facial features, dark hair, and dark eyes.  I understand now though what she meant.  I am indeed very much like them both! I have my dad's quiet gentle nature (well, except when I blog!), his wry sense of humor, and his desire to be actively about God's work.  I suspect my daddy also reminded my grandma of his daddy, because I can see my grandpa in him.

And although he didn't care much for school when he was a child (he would climb under the fence and run away), he later became president of his senior class and earned a scholarship to UNC, and today he still loves to learn.

He enjoys plants, music, reading, the grandchildren, the beach and the mountains, breakfast at Bojangles, listening to his Bible tapes (which I had to replace a few Christmases ago because he had worn the other ones out), and watching educational TV, old movies, and UNC sports.

Everybody that knows my daddy agrees that he is a special person, and despite the cat incident, I think he's the best daddy I know, and I love him!  (In his defense, he went back and brought the cats back home!)


1.  2007
2.  c. 1941
3.  1988 - the cruise with the pretty legs

*This post is a revision of a blog I posted for Fathers Day 2008.

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