Friday, June 10, 2011

B9. Morning Worship

Summoned from sleep to meet you here
As daylight too awakens
Into the woods, resting just over the brook
You have prepared a place
Today you meet me with no long white beard
Nor flowing gown with flowers around your head
But you are the woods
Unmarred by human hands
Changing with every second, yet unchanged since Eden’s creation
Silent, yet bursting with sound

You are the living waters babbling beneath me
You are the babbling
You are the tiny bird fluttering onto the rock
And you are the rock.
You are the mingled songs of the unseen birds announcing dawn’s new light
You are the light
You are the fresh coolness of the air and the canopy of trees protecting the coolness
You are the air
I take you in with deep breaths
Wishing to hold this moment forever in my soul
Knowing, though many sabbaths we shall share,
You will never again appear exactly this way.

Another human passes by without a sound.
Did you summon her also from her slumber,
With the same bird’s song, the first of the new day?

Written by Kathy, 6/10/2011 at Well of Mercy near Harmony, NC, at daybreak


Kimberly said...

Nice! Sounds like a great beginning to a morning...

By the way, I did add a "follow by email" option on! Hope your week goes well...

claire said...

A beautiful poem, with which I can very much identify. Thank you.

Deborah said...

Absolutely lovely, absolutely worshipful.