Thursday, February 7, 2013

B57. Lonely Meditation

At first he is torn.  The mission yes, but he will tread softly for respect of loved ones who will not understand; he doesn’t want to lose them. They are a part of his foundation, a part of his core; but as the mission unfolds, the soft step is lost, and they, they cannot be preserved.  One by one they fall away.  Deep sadness he feels as he pulls away to protect himself; great loneliness in the angry shouts of such familiar faces. 

But on he walks, never letting them see his tears. The mission is his guide, and his focus is stronger with each one he watches disconnect.  There is less to hinder him. He thinks often of those who went ahead and of the words of encouragement they left for him, especially of the misunderstood Messiah. His courage grows stronger, his resolve bolder. Grateful he is to the God who chose him to walk behind the greater ones, helping to pave the way for a new generation that will greet a dawn brighter than his own.

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