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B100. Remembering Ellie Nance Vestal 1914-1999

My grandma, Ellie Nance Vestal, was born 100 years ago today, on July 4, 1914. This post is dedicated to her memory, and everyone who knew her is welcome to contribute. If you have a memory you would like to share, just send it to me via e-mail, Facebook, or any other way you can reach me (between 3 and 200 words, can also include a photo).

Alicia Bobbitt
One of my favorite memories . . . I would go and take Devin and Krista to see grandma at least once every 2 weeks. If we were there during lunch grandma would go to the fridge and take whatever she had and fix something very good. One day she fixed the worst mashed potatoes I had ever had. It was the first thing she ever fixed that I just could not eat. When we cleaned up the kitchen she asked if I wanted to take some of the cooked turnips home and I said so that's what that was. We laughed and laughed!!!

Fairy Bray Brast
So many people told me as I was growing up that I looked like my Aunt Ellie.  One of my favorite memories is when Dorry and I would spend the night with Frances and Margie.  Margie and I had to sleep at the foot of the bed. What fun and all the talking and giggling. then aunt Ellie would bring us fresh made caramel corn. I loved my Aunt Ellie and she knew it. What a reunion we will have one bright day.

Amanda Brewer
Grandma let me eat straight out of the sugar bowl as long as momma and daddy weren't around. I loved taking walks with her. We would always go to the edge of the golf course and look for balls. I was always thrilled to find a few. There was always a bird's nest in the potted plant on her porch. We would watch the eggs until they hatched and then the baby birds until they left. She loved birds. (Daddy and I do, as well. Perhaps that came from her.)

After she had been in the hospital and came home, she wanted me to stay with her at night. It was during the month of December. I was in 5th or 6th grade, I think. I would sleep at her house and then mom or dad would pick me up to come home and get ready for school. Every evening, Grandma and I would watch the Christmas specials on television, and she would make us "eggnog."  :)

Joann Dudley
Aunt Ellie was my Dad's Thurman Nance baby sister. We enjoyed eating Sunday lunch at each others houses. Aunt Ellie would come and pick blackberries at our house every year. Good memories.

Lora Gardner
She loved my sister and I so much. She let us help her make Country Time Lemonade, let us play in the attic and didn't fuss when we discovered the creek and that crossing it led to the first green at Boonville Golf Course.

Carla Lawson
Son Rise each morning for her faith continues to work in us all! An unwavering faith that carried her through regardless of the circumstances. Strength and joy in God that has been passed down to every generation in her bloodline. Our Vestal family to my knowledge have ALL accepted Jesus as our Savior, TY Grandma for being a Christian! Flower, birds, trees, family dinners and get-togethers, a radiant smile always, plants and the prettiest farmhouse in the country. Crossword puzzles, her treasures that she cherished, laughter, pride, sunshine, fun times and a family truly praying together that still has stayed together! Happy 100th Birthday, Grandma Ellie Vestal. Maybe I just need to write a book.

My most precious memory: Grandma was the one who told me I had beautiful eyes and when I wore blue colors my eyes turned as blue as the sky! I will never forget this!  Photo: inscription inside the Bride's Book of Ideas Grandma gave to me when I got married. It meant so much to me.

Melanie Lawson-Robinson
My fondest memories of Grandma was going to her house and sitting on the porch. She told the most funniest stories and her laugh always made me laugh. I remember she always said if she went bald she wanted a red wig, because she wanted pretty red hair! I miss her terribly but I kept a part of her in my family. Reagan's middle name is combined with Grandma's name Ellie and my middle name Denise to make Ellise. So Reagan Ellise Robinson is named after her. I hate she never got to meet her, but the memory will always be there.

Bertha Lewis
She was one sweet lady!

Margie Priddy
One outstanding thing I remember about Mama is her wisdom! My second yr. of nursing school half my class was quitting due to stress. Dad and mom took me back to school and I did not want to stay crying to go back home. She said later she wanted to pack my things and take me but she talked about how I wanted to a nurse and if I still wanted to come home the next day to call Uncle Henry and she and dad would come and get me. I did not call the next day.

Becky Speas
About Mama . . . she loved me unconditionally for 44 years but it went by much too fast!  :(

Cheryl Stewart-Perryman
Grandma showed me that prayer really works. I had been playing with a crowd of neighbors and was running in a yard with holes and my heel went into a hole. I fell flat on my back, knocking all the air out of me. When I tried to get up, I could not move. Eventually someone came out and carried me inside to mom's bed. I was out of school for about a week or more. I do not remember how long but I ended up having to stay most of that time with Grandma Vestal. I would lay on her couch in the living room and she would bring me food and whatever I needed. I was essentially paralyzed. Finally one day Grandma took me by the hand and closed her eyes. She just sat there quietly for a long time holding my hand with her eyes closed. Then she opened her eyes and said, "Cheryl, stand up and walk." - and I did. I didn't question her, I just stood up and walked knowing that something godly had just taken place. My grandma and I had just witnessed an answer to prayer!!! I was in the second grade and I was too scared to tell others about it.

Betty Stokes
I have so many memories of Aunt Ellie and all of them are good. I remember when I would spend the night with Margie. Aunt Ellie would have such good meals prepared. One night she decided right at the last minute to stir up a cake and it was delicious. Wish there were more people like my Aunt Ellie. What a wonderful world this would be!!

Kathy Vestal
I stayed with Grandma during the day until I was about 3 1/2 years old. She knew how to entertain me for hours. I would sit on the floor with hundreds of pop bottle caps and organize them into all kinds of groups, or other times I would do the same with hundreds of buttons - by color, by size, by preference . . . In this photo, when I was 3, my new baby cousin Randy came to visit Grandma and Grandpa, and Grandma says I was not so happy about this new baby taking her attention.

Lisa Wagoner
I cannot just speak to one memory . . . I remember many special times on Grandma's porch . . . Throughout teen years and college years I cherished my visits with Grandma. We would swing. I would talk. Grandma would listen and love me unconditionally . . . There is not a time I ride by Grandma's house that I don't think about her and thank God for her!

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